The consumer market has a serious problem, we hold the solution.

Innovation & Sustainability

Vessl® is a patented closure and delivery device.

Providing instant mixing of two ingredients immediately prior to use.

Vessl® provides a unique opportunity.

For formulators and marketers to significantly increase and enhance the functional efficacy, dosing, mixing and sensory impact of their products.

Vessl® is a patented closure and delivery device.

Providing instant mixing of two ingredients immediately prior to use.

Vessl® provides a unique opportunity.

For formulators and marketers to significantly increase and enhance the functional efficacy, dosing, mixing and sensory impact of their products.

It's as simple as 1, 2, 3, 4!

In the News


The Power is in the Pressure

Powerful, pressurized evacuation provides the consumer with instant gratification and a multi-sensory experience. The “WOW Factor” cannot be underestimated – it is the right way to do concentrates.

Our closures provide important function and innovation:


Accurate Dosing

New Product Opportunities

Longer Product Life

Environmentally Friendly

Mixes Automatically

High Performance Mixing

Consumer Experience

Adaptable Design

Child Resistance Certified

Tamper Evident

Hot Fill

Non-Tamper Evident for Reusable Bottle

Deficiencies of Gravity-Based Dosing Systems

They do not excite the retailer or the consumer – Refill solutions are not new, and there are far more cost-effective ways of delivering concentrate (concentrate bottles, capsules or pouches), but in the end retailers and consumers must adopt solutions. To date, these other solutions have failed. Gravity based closures are failing too. They are inconvenient and complex -They require excessive amounts of time to evacuate, leave excessive tank residue, and do not mix without additional user interaction. They have severe viscosity limitations – higher viscosity concentrates will not work and limit the offerings that can be provided.

Deficiencies of Gravity-Based Dosing Systems

They do not excite the retailer or the consumer. Refill systems are not new, and there are other methods of delivering concentrate (concentrate bottles, capsules or pouches), but in the end retailers and consumers must implement change.

To date, these other systems have failed. Gravity based closures are failing too. They are inconvenient and complex. They require excessive amounts of time to evacuate, leave excessive tank residue, and do not mix without additional user interaction. They have severe viscosity limitations—higher viscosity concentrates will not work and limit the offerings that can be provided.

Vessl has the solution to address
these issues TODAY.

Applications are endless!

By storing the active content in the Vessl® pressurized bottle closure, we can provide revolutionary solutions across many product categories including beverage, food, nutraceuticals, hygiene, pharmaceuticals, household chemical and much more. Vessl®  can be customized to fit a wide array of base containers composed of plastic, PET, glass, aluminum, and many other materials.

We can design and develop a closure or delivery system to meet your needs.

Vessl is committed to sustainability and supporting companies to accelerate their ESG goals

Multi-Pack Solutions

Significantly reduce plastic waste and improve supply chain efficiencies.

Premium Pricing Opportunities

Competitive Differentiator

Increases Purchase Frequency (smaller volume bottle)

Enables eCommerce and Subscription Models

Reduces cost of manufacturing and movement of goods across the supply chain

Scale representation of plastic use of a family of four over five years.

4,800 traditional plastic bottles

4,800 Vessl® closures

Reduce End-to-End Supply Chain Cost

Smart Renewable Solution

Returnable at the point of purchase for upcycling, recycling, etc.

Carbon emissions, and urban congestion reduction

Reduces Plastic Packaging

Eliminate single use bottles

Reduces secondary packaging and shipping materials on bottles

Manufacturing & Supply Chain Costs

Eliminates inbound bottle freight, labeling, storage, filling, etc.

Cost reduction in production, warehousing, transportation, merchandising, retail and eCommerce

1 Truckload of vessl® closures
30 Truckloads of 23oz bottles

Minimizing costs and environmental impact while maximizing sales

We are igniting a movement
and solution to shift
the plastic paradigm.

We are front and center at the “Packaging Waste Reduction Summit” at the United Nations Headquarters in New York in Fall 2021.

It begins with a consumer marketing campaign that brings awareness to the problem, how we will fix it, and to ensure people use it. Own It. Be the Change. strategically partners with cities, citizens, NGOs, companies, global brands, and public entities to leverage Vessl’s patented technology and solve one of the world’s most pressing problems.

Brands currently using Vessl®


Vessl® has been customized to fit the needs of Tea of a Kind by keeping the ingredients sealed and fresh without preservatives. When the Closure is twisted, the ingredients are propelled from the chamber under pressure from nitrogen and instantly mix with the water inside the bottle. The Vessl® allows for the elimination of the disposable bottle by simply re-filling a bottle and twisting on a new Vessl® closure.


Custom closure design for Artistry™ Signature Select™ – Personalized Serum combines the most powerful Nutrilite™ botanicals and advanced Artistry™ skincare technologies to target and treat your unique skin concerns.


By storing the active content in the Vessl® pressurized bottle closure, we provided a revolutionary solution to beverage in a sustainable way. Vessl® has been customized to fit a unique reusable bottle in packaging that includes multiple cap refills.

Virdi is the exclusive supplier of Vessl® technology in the growing cannabis market.

Beyond the “Concept” Stage

Global brands are already delighting and engaging consumers with Vessl® as a solution.

Our Capabilities

White Labeling

Transform your products with Vessl bottling, closure filling and “ready-to-ship” packaging.

Supply Filled Vessl®

We fill and ship closures only for bottling and packing at the customer site. We will provide custom integration for the Vessl® closure into customer bottling and capping systems.

Turnkey Manufacturing

We provide full product R&D, custom closure design and development, branding, formulation development, closure filling, and bottling, for “ready-to-ship” packaging.

Supply Unfilled Vessl®
& Customized Equipment

We can provide unfilled closures, with custom filling equipment and operator training, allowing customers to fill and pack at their own facility.

In-house Pilot Lab, R&D, Stability & Efficacy Testing

Dedicated Product Design & Engineering Resources

Packaging Development and Design

Dedicated Award-Winning Material Scientist & Inventors

Dedicated Project Management Resource

Global Injection Molding & Conversion Partner

In-house Vessl Filling to 50MM Units per Year with Multiple Pilot Systems and Packaging Capabilities

Automated Vessl Filling & Packaging Equipment Supply

Brand Development, Identity and Creation

Dedicated Supply Chain and Logistics Management

Robust Standard Quality Control Programs

Certified Six Sigma Blackbelts

Sustainability Expertise


Our Manufacturing Strategic Alliances

Automated Filling, Assembly and Packaging Equipment Supplier

Filling and packaging automation specialist with over a thousand custom installations in 15 countries to date, including 5 custom Vessl® filling systems. The management team is comprised of gifted, highly-educated engineers with over 50 years of engineering & robotics experience and over 30 patents. Current customers include Kraft Foods, Nestle, and Maple Leaf Foods among many others. Equity partners.

Vessl® Injection Molding and Assembly Supplier

$13 billion Fortune 500 global manufacturer and marketer of plastic packaging products headquartered in Evansville, Indiana. Over 290 facilities across the globe and more than 48,000 employees.

Executive Leadership Team

Walter D. Apodaca Jr.

Founder, Chairman & CEO Vessl, Inc.

Mr. Apodaca has been involved in hundreds of innovative product marketing, supply chain, and packaging solutions for the Consumer-Packaged Goods industry. He started his career on the ground floor of the industry, with a job loading beverage trucks at night while in college. Mr. Apodaca has since led turnaround performance in R&D, supply chain, general management, as well as sales and marketing for several global industry leaders. Prior to founding Vessl, Inc., Mr. Apodaca held the following positions: Vice President National Accounts, MillerCoors; Vice President & General Manager, Coors Brewing Company; Market Unit Vice President, Coca-Cola; and Division Supply Chain Vice President, Coca-Cola. Since founding Vessl, Inc., Mr. Apodaca has successfully commercialized Vessl® which is now sold on a variety of brands in 50 countries worldwide.

Daniel Montoya

Board Member

Co-Founder, COO Vessl, Inc.

Mr. Montoya is a highly esteemed professional with experience in branding, local and national programming, supply chain, procurement, forecasting, and development of winning sales strategies. Mr. Montoya started his career on the ground floor of the beverage industry as a local Sales Representative with Coors Brewing Company. He has since led turnaround performance as an On-Premise Executive and Distributor Manager for global brands including Blue Moon Belgian White, and Coors light. Mr. Montoya brings Vessl, Inc. the proven ability to deliver phenomenal revenue growth, develop top-level leadership, and build high-performance brands and markets from the ground-up. Mr. Montoya received his Bachelor of Business Management with an emphasis in Operations from New Mexico State University.

Jeff “JK” Kelley

Board Member

Chief Innovation Officer, Vessl Inc., Founder of Sanük

Mr. Kelley is a serial inventor and entrepreneur, and currently has investments in multiple companies across various industry segments, including Vessl, Inc. In 1997, Mr. Kelley founded Sanük. Mr. Kelley’s products and marketing revolutionized the sandal market by incorporating unique designs and materials such as artificial turf, leopard prints and poncho fabric. For example, Sanük’s Sidewalk Surfer product line created a new category of footwear that is a combination of a shoe and a sandal. In July of 2011, Deckers Outdoor Corporation purchased Sanuk for over $200 million. Prior to founding Sanük, Mr. Kelley developed Trac-top which quickly grew to become the number one top traction surface for surfboards. While running Trac-Top Mr. Kelley met the founders of Reef, a sandal manufacturer. Mr. Kelley helped launch Reef by utilizing his Trac-Top sales representatives as the sales force for Reef’s sandals in the action sports industry. Soon thereafter Mr. Kelley sold Trac-Top, and the founders of Reef offered Mr. Kelley an equity position to join Reef. During his tenure at Reef, Mr. Kelley developed the first sandal display rack and implemented a successful count and fill service program. Mr. Kelley grew Reef’s sales from $2 million in 1991 to $22 million in 1996, when he left Reef to start his own company.

Joshua Pack

Board Member

Managing Partner, Fortress Investment Group

Joshua Pack is a Managing Partner at Fortress, serving on the investment committee for the Credit Funds and heads Illiquid Investing at Fortress. Mr. Pack is also a member of the Management Committee of Fortress and heads the Los Angeles office. Since joining Fortress’ Credit Business at its inception in 2002, Mr. Pack has invested in hundreds of corporate debt and structured credit transactions with an emphasis towards single tenant net lease, distress, media and entertainment, sports, digital media, restaurants, retail, broadcasting and wireless spectrum. Through his personal office, Mr. Pack is an active angel investor in technology, restaurants, real estate and consumer products. He serves on several corporate and philanthropic boards and advisory groups and is active in a number of local LA charities. Mr. Pack attended the United States Air Force Academy and received a B.A. in Economics from California State University, San Marcos. He lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife and four children.

Jeremy Taylor

Chief Commercial Officer, Vessl-Owned Brands

Mr. Taylor has over 20 years of CPG experience while working in several different functional areas of the beer industry. He started his career working for an Anheuser-Busch distributor in Minnesota until he moved to Southern California where he gained marketing agency experience at the Integer Group covering multiple states in the southwest business area. Following his experience with the agency, Jeremy held various roles at Coors/MillerCoors including Marketing Manager for AZ, Las Vegas and San Diego, Distributor Sales Manager for Hawaii, and most recently led thier managed chain division for the Pacific Northwest. He also serves as the President of Virdi, Vessl’s partner company that serves the cannabis industry with Vessl technology. Mr. Taylor’s cross-functional skill set and diverse geographic background will help expand our managed chain business with diligence and discipline.

Aaron Harris

Senior Vice President Operations, Vessl, Inc.

Mr. Harris has been involved with hundreds of new product launches over the past 23 years encompassing Dairy, Juice, Functional, & Dietary Supplements for start-ups to large Fortune 500 organizations. He started his food career at age 5 working in his family’s business keeping bees and selling honey at local farmers markets. Mr. Harris has since lead quality, supply chain, and manufacturing operations covering Aseptic, ESL, Hot Fill, & Cold Fill processes across multiple packaging platforms. Prior to joining Vessl, Mr. Harris held the following positions: President, Double Barrel Enterprises; Vice President Operations, AZPack; Vice President Operations, Aseptic Solutions USA/Glanbia; Plant Manager, Aseptic Solutions USA; UHT Production Supervisor, Stremick’s Heritage Foods.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of using Vessl®?

Requires no change in consumer behavior to activate

Active ingredients retain freshness

Improves product integrity

Eliminates preservatives

Prolongs product shelf life

Provides instant mixing

Assures accurate dosing

Environmentally friendly

Is Vessl® compliant with food contact regulations?

Yes. Vessl™ is internationally compliant and uses materials intended for food contact (Data available upon request).

What size of bottleneck or thread does Vessl® require?

The functionality of the closure is independent of the bottle or container and can therefore be adapted to fit a wide variety of standard and custom neck diameters and thread configurations.

Can Vessl® withstand sterilization?

Yes. Vessl™ can be sterilized utilizing a variety of standard processes, including thermal, radiation or chemical treatments. The current production version can withstand sterilization up to 180° Fahrenheit or 80° Celsius.

What volume of active ingredients can be stored in the Vessl™ chamber?

The current production version has a 5.4ml chamber, and depending on the application it can contain between 1ml to 3.7ml of liquid ingredients. The size of the chamber can be significantly increased or reduced depending on the intended application.

Can customers have their own unique looking Vessl®?

In order to accurately provide pricing for the Vessl™, we would need to determine:

1. Depends on whether your interest is in the current production version of 28mm PCO 1810, or a new Vessl™ with a specific neck finish and thread dimension.

2. Annual volume over the first three years.

3. The size and chamber requirements of the closure.

Standardization and volume are always key to efficient costs. We can discuss pricing options after thoroughly understanding your production needs.

How do I fill and pressurize Vessl®?

The Vessl™ team has the capability to either fill your product for application to the final container, provide full turnkey products or to provide the filling equipment needed for you to fill, pressurize and apply the closure in-house.

Is Vessl® recyclable?


For further inquiries email

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